Bear...what can I say about Bear? Often grumpy and gruff, rarely swift, but a totem I have deep care and respect for. A solitary animal, much like I was when we first met. I was sleeping a lot, hiding in my room....denned in, so to speak. Bear is a keeper of stories, and shared a lot with me. It was at this time I started seeing many of my past lives in dreams. Bear nudged me into Awakening, in gentle ways. A guardian of friends, a grandmother, a sacred being. I am glad to count Bear as one of my allies. Bear corresponds with 'Below', for me.

As time has gone on, Bear has revealed itself as my family's totem. A large number of my mother's family have experiences in common that relate to Bear.

Taken from my favorite animal spirituality site (go here):

Bear is not one to make snap decisions, and is not an addictive, or obsessive/compulsive person, nor one to ramrod or force into any position. Bear takes in all available information, takes it into his quiet place, studies that information carefully, gives it careful thought for a while, and then reaches his own informed decisions based on the facts at hand. Bear is the one who says, "I have to think about this. I'll be in touch later." Bear people often give the impression of being plodding and slow, but they are really being studious and cautious. You can rely on opinions coming from a Bear person as being well thought out and thorough, and based on the facts given. Many inventors and scholars probably carry Bear medicine.

Bear is a fierce warrior, especially when protecting their young. They appear to be lumbering and slow, but can have lightening speed when threatened. They love fish when they can get it, but they also eat berries, honey, etc. Bear people like home and shelter, and like to be warm and cozy.