Horse...well, when I was still trying to understand what a spirit was, and what the heck two, let alone one, would want with me, I was still a stable rat. Lived, slept, ate and breathed horses. I'd loved them since I was old enough to understand the concept of them, and I'd always felt them following me, "imaginary" as my mom called them, everywhere I went. To a child with few friends who constantly moved, horses were a dream.

When my parents divorced, I started riding in earnest, and kept doing so for 7 or 8 years. When I ride, I share in that sweeping sense of freedom, mane dancing as we drink the wind together, my mount and I. Up on horseback, I wasn't clumsy or graceless; I had skill and elegance. sometimes I still yearn for that.

I can't ride anymore. I've broken my tailbone twice, and I could permanently damage my spine if I do ride again. Horse is still around as a reminder to me that I am not always stuck in the flesh I was born into, and that the wind isn't just for those with wings. Horse wasn't my first totem, but it's always been with me, and I'm sure it will be the last to go if they ever leave me.

There are many different colours and breeds of Horse, though, is dun, a smutty buckskin, dusky and dappled, shining like tarnished brass. Horse corresponds with the Southern direction, for me.

Taken from my favorite animal spirituality site (go here):

The color of the horse you are drawn to is also significant. The white horse says that you feel responsibility very heavily, and you must guard against carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. The black horse travels into the void, the unknown, seeking truth and enlightenment. The reddish and red/brown colors are for humor, and says that you ease tense situations with a touch of humor. There's no doubt that Gerardus rides a red horse! The yellow horse signifies new beginnings; awakenings and enlightenment.

Ride the winds of adventure and change. Horse will take you, and will protect you on the journey.

And here's where the Totem Project journey starts.