There is something to be said for the Canadian Lynx - fluffy paws, white eyes, tufted ears, lack of a tail. Beautiful, slipstream silver cats, but very elusive.

I can't say I obsessed about these animals when I first discovered them - I don't think that's Lynx's way. I instead slowly grew to them, then featured them in many things before realizing I had done so. Lynx runs deep and silent, like a forest stream - you'd hardly know they were there. Lynx was an encounter in Dreamtime, much like Wolverine but far more placid. She wasn't out for blood, or any obvious push - she simply kept drawing me deeper into her mysteries, watching me discover more about myself.

At the time Lynx came to me, I was finishing high school, and contemplating where I should go. I needed to roam, but I am very much a solitary person, and wasn't interested in big noise and flash. As well, I found myself very alone after a few years of companionship, simply because my friends had graduated and I saw little of them. I had deep wanderlust, but for the simpler things. I needed to take time to rediscover myself, and set a foundation before wandering on. Lynx helped me learn "silent running" - something that helped on many levels. Lynx corresponds with my Above, but I like to think of her as my Ghost ally, as well...she's invisible.

Taken from AnimalSpirits.Com:

Lynx's Wisdom Inludes:

  • Keenness of sight
  • Divination
  • Developing psychic senses
  • Keeper of all secrets and mysteries
  • Movement through time and space