Totems and animal spirits are an important part of my spirituality. At one point I was impressed with the need to capture some of my feelings and experiences with my spirit allies and thus the 'Totem Project' was born. These are a series of paintings, very small but very meaningful. I hope that by putting them online people can share a little of my personal experience.

Strictly speaking, a 'totem' is familial - a patron spirit that looks over an family, clan, or bloodline. What I'm rightly describing here are animal spirits, personal allies who happen to also be animals. Of course, anything I discuss here is UPG - unsubstantiated personal gnosis - and is not any more factual than anyone else's personal spiritual experiences. You don't have to share my views.

These are all watercolours, painted on 5"x7" 140 lb. coldpress watercolour paper. May this work inspire you to your own.

Horse, Hawk, and Bear

Raven, Dragon, and Wolverine

Lynx, Wolf, and Owl