Morrigan's Children often have deep affinities for ravens - indeed, they are their kin. Like the winged ones, they are Her messengers. Having said that, there is little wonder why Raven is one of my spirit allies. Aside from the collective spirit of Raven Above, I have two raven spirit guides, Crossed Beak and White Feather. I AM a raven, in many ways, and I feel deeply connected to the world of corvids. Crows, cousins of the Raven, are my kin too, and are more common where I live.

Raven is a deep, magic spirit - someone who takes you into places within yourself and others that you'd never go, otherwise. Dark, dreaming, bloody places - you learn a lot about pain. Such insights aren't for everyone to bear. Raven flies on my Left.

Taken from my favorite animal spirituality site (go here):

Those who carry raven medicine also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit. Raven is the messenger of magic from the great void where all knowledge waits for us. He is also the symbol of changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and of perception. He carries the mark of the shape-shifter. He is the carrier of healing energy from distances. Those of you who have asked for messages of light and healing and prayer on this list have asked for raven medicine.

What all of this means to us in the modern-day world is that raven medicine gives you the ability to get inside another's head and heart, and to understand them from the inside out, so to speak. You can "become" that other person because of the depth of your understanding of them, and it is not necessary to be in their physical presence for that to happen. Spiritual healers and counsellors who are skilled in their abilities are using raven power for they have a depth of understanding and empathy not shared by all. Because of this power, they have the ability to actually alter another's perception and behavior. They are able to work real magic in bringing peace, healing and understanding to others.

Here is the heavy responsibility, and the dangers, in raven medicine. As with all things, these powers can be used for dark purposes. It enables the carrier to manipulate and coerce others into doing their will to the detriment of the other. This medicine can be used for selfish and self-serving purposes for the ego and greed of the carrier. Because of the power of the levels in understanding others, a practitioner of the black arts can use raven for destructive purposes.

If you carry raven medicine, you must always use it in the light for the highest and best interests of others. You must use it for the good and well being of others, and never for your own selfish motives even though you may be tempted when times are bad. Raven medicine demands that you walk in the light in all things. That's heavy with responsibility for your own thoughts and deeds.