Wolverine....gar. Not a pleasant animal - stinking, reeking, vicious in defending its' territory - a small bundle of muscle and heavy fur ready to rip you into pieces. And it never backs down.

I was so terribly lost as to who Wolverine was when she appeared, let alone as to what exactly she was there for. I wasn't much of a personality then...I was quiet, withdrawn, depressed as hell, and hardly said a word. Even my friends noticed that - If I was asked to do something I'd do it, in some kind of silent desperation, as if keeping my hands busy would quiet my mind. My parents weren't helping either - I was basically letting people walk all over me, because that's what they wanted. But I didn't want to stop, or know how to.

I remember 'Walking in dark places, then...undergrowth, tangled places, anywhere where the light couldn't reach. I wanted to be alone...but I wanted to be my own person. I wasn't free, but I couldn't find a way to be either. As I did this, these amber eyes followed me everywhere. I didn't know whose they were....but they kept following. So one day I'd had enough. I demanded to know who was following me, that they show themselves.

The biggest damn Wolverine I have ever seen charged out of the underbrush, snarling like something ten times larger. She was a massive force of rippling chestnut and golden fur, and she was not in a good mood. She jumped, pinned me, took my throat in her jaws; I could feel a trickle of blood starting to pool. She looked me in the eyes, her breath reeking of rotted meat, and then vanished into the underbrush again.

The next three weeks were hell on wheels. I became some sort of uber-bitch....there's a trace of it left, still, but for a period of time I was 24/7 pissy and proud of it. I told inumerable people to go to hell, did what I wanted, and generally developed a set of brass balls to rival a greek-style sculpture. Even my best friend avoided me for a while, which wasn't great, but since I kept "going for the throat", it was safer. I got my solitude, and I got what I wanted when I wanted it.

Eventually life faded back into some sense of normal. About halfway through the whole bitchfest, I figured out that Wolverine was empowering me - teaching me to stand up for myself and what I believed in. Wolverine stands in my North.

Taken from AnimalSpirits.Com:

Wolverine's Wisdom Includes:

  • Revenge
  • Craftiness
  • Understands how to satisfy appetites
  • Ability to travel in very cold places
  • Understanding aggression
  • Protection against attackers
  • Multilevel protection
  • Standing your ground
  • Fierceness
  • Strength
  • Non-retreat
  • Effective attack
  • Endurance
  • Courage