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The Sacred Grove - a mixed Pagan community offering conversation and resources.

Wild Ideas: Lynna Landstreet's homepage - This site has literally everything.

The Glass Temple - Canadian Pagan resource.

A Witchs' Cauldron - great Canadian beginner's resource. Lots of good information.

Pagan Chants of the Month Archive - ever want to hear some of these? (You will need Real Audio 3.0 or higher.)

The Witches' Sabbats - Mike Nichol's homepage. An informative and interesting collection of well-researched articles.

Encyclopedia Mythica - the source of all things mythical and goodly

Obsidian's Index of Pantheons - if you're looking for them, they're here.


The Gods and Goddesses of Celtic Lands - very comprehensive listing.

Isaac Bonewits' Homepage - the information here is in staggering amounts. Take your time in sifting through it. Isaac passed in autumn 2010 - may he rest well with his ancestors.

Sean O'Tuathal's Druidic Dictionary in The Summerlands - A wonderful thing to go poking around in....

Ceantar's Online Gaelic Dictionaries - a searchable database of 4 dictionaries in Scottish, Manx and Irish Gaelic. Very handy.

English-Gaelic Dictionary - a Scots Gaelic to English dictionary.

The Mythology of Ireland - a good page for looking up your favorite legends, myths and heroes.


Your Personal Totem - excellent, thorough descriptions of totem energies.

Animal Spirits - a very rudimentary totem directory, more useful for identifying a spirit than getting in-depth information.

Cantrap - a widely varied assortments of magical techiques.

Aecletic Tarot - learn the meanings of the cards, and see dozens of deck variations and styles. Perfect for browsing.

Sigils - an easy-to-read guide to creating your own sigils for magic.

The Three Cauldrons - an Irish internal energy system.

Crystals and Jewelry.com - Gemstone and Crystal Database - a huge listing of many stones and crystals for magical purposes.

Planetary Hours - for timing your workings.


Witchs' Cauldron Creations - handmade gemstone jewelry. Support this site!

WCC @ Etsy - contains items exclusive to Etsy! Pagan jewelry, witches' ladders and other magical tools.

Dancing Pig - fantastic pagan pottery! Also lots for the fantasy/RenFaire/pirate crowd.

Ant's Pottery - whimiscal and functional pottery for pagans. Incense dishes, rainpots, cauldrons, offering plates, and more.

Naturcraft Incense - the best handrolled, artisinal incense I have ever had the pleasure to burn. 100% Natural!

Wands of Avalon - a beautiful assortment of natural wood wands.

Little Devil Designs - affordable sterling silver charms and pendants.

Emily Balivet - mythological Goddess art; painting, prints, and cards.

Thyme 2 Dream - delicate, Elfin earrings, necklaces, headpieces, and more.

White Hart Forge - serious ironworks for those of a Norse bent.

Fun Stuff

Voice of the Woods - an online ogham reader for those questions of the heart and soul....

The Dialectizer - give your webpage an accent.

Real Ultimate Power - have pyjamas, will flip out and kill.