I have been a wave on the ocean
And I have been a fish therein
I was cast away, and found again.

I was brought by the 9th wave
On the shore of the Land
And the sack could not hold me

I have ridden beneath two ravens
And served in the kitchens
And all places are alike unto me!

Who can tell the Tale of Arthur?
Who knows the hidden tales of Arfon?
Who tell of Weyland, or of Gwynhwyfar?

Who shall tell the tale?
Who shall remember the stories?

I have been to Caer Sidhi
In the Spiral Castle of Glass
And the letters on the standing stones
Are no secret to me.

I have searched the Castle of Glass
And the stys of Anwynn
I have asked the Foolish
And of the Wise
I go where I will; for who shall gainsay me?

Who knows the End
Of the Spiral Dance?
And Who knows the Beginning?

I have been the narrow blade of a sword
That kills without cutting
And the Void is my homeland.

I have passed through Fire, Water, Earth and Air
And looked upon Chaos and Order,
All places are alike unto me!

I have been made of flowers
And of cold steel and brass
Fire and ice are alike unto me.

I have loved a Maiden of Flowers
And been joined with the Mother of All
And I have bedded the Morrigan-
And lived to sing of it.

Who knows the heart
And secret thoughts of Anwynn?

I have been to Anwynn
And Tir na n'Og
I have danced the Spiral Dance
And drunk from the Hierlas at daybreak.

I am sibling to Dragons,
Companion to Owls,
And I know the Secret Name of the Cat.

I am the Oak tree, strong to the storm
And I am the grass growing in the cracks
Bending to every breeze.

I am the lovers' whisper in the deeps of love
And I am the shout of the captains on the battlefield
I am the Song of the Birds
And the endless murmur of the mountain stream.

Many names have I; but only one Nature
I am the Singer, and the Song
And I hold Three Things in trust.

The words of the scholars are
Clear to me,
And the secrets of Oghma.

I invoke the blessings of the Inspirer of Wisdom,
And the Maker of Poets.

I am the Lapwing; I disguise the Secret!

I am the Roebuck; I hide the Secret!

I am the Hound with Red Ears; I guard the Secret!

I am but a Fool;
It is but my Nature.

I have been a wave on the ocean
And I have been a fish therein
I was cast away, and found again.

Many things am I; many things know I;
But no-one knows the Grave of Arthur.