Those wishing to work with the energy and magic of the wolf should first learn of about their spiritual purpose. Each wolf comes to this plane of existence with a special gift of knowledge, just as we humans do. But unlike us, they (and most animals in the universe) are much better adapted to living within the balance of nature and with the flow of nature's energy. To work with the wolf, one needs to understand how the universal energy is connected to each "type" of wolf and move forward from there. The following is a brief explanation of this concept of magick.

Wolves are considered by many to be the highest animal in the spiritual plane. They represent the teachers and guardians of balance in nature. Depending on their colour, they teach different lessons and share different energies with those they watch over and walk beside. Colouring is used as a means of spiritual classification for one basic reason. Energy, all energy contains several properties or traits. It has a sound that can be recorded, a 'energy level' that can be measured, and a colour that can be photographed. For instance, place your hand on a stereo speaker and play a song. Do you feel the speaker vibrate with different variations based on the note being heard? Watch the flames of a fire. The intense or hottest part of the flame is white, or very light blue. The "cooler" portion of the flame is more red or orange. Attaching an energy or purpose to an object, or an animal based on their colour is not a new concept. It's as old as time. Within the wolf community, each breed shares a lot of common energies, but learning the specific energies for the individual guides is also helpful when working with wolf magic.

Taken from Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews.

The White Wolf
Known as the phantom, the white spirit wolf lives in the spiritual and physical dimensions simultaneously. They teach the lessons which help to bring both these lives into balance. The help us learn how to build the bridge between the two worlds so that we might learn the underlying purpose of events and issues in our life.
The Brown Wolf
These spirit wolves teach the lessons of health and healing. How to use the forces of nature in conjunction with the earthly knowledge of medicine to maintain a balance between the mind/body/spirit connections. Also includes red wolves, and golden wolves.
The Grey Wolf
The hidden lessons, reaching through the veil of sight into the realm of spirit. The gray spirit wolf is the teacher of spirit connections and communications. How we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides.
The Black Wolf
The teachers of the physical. The black spirit wolf helps us to bring balance into the physical natures, desires, and expressions of our daily lives. They keep us focused on the issues of this plane of existence where our spiritual lessons help us to evolve along our chosen spiritual path.