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Sea and Sky

  • Blue reflecting blue, an endless horizon. 4mm lapis chips, 4mm amazonite chips, blue-violet frosted delica seed beads, and silver accents.

    Lapis lazuli has a bold, structured energy that can enhance psychic ability and boost the third eye. Amazonite softens this with a healing energy, taking the harsh edges off and easing the passage of messages from the spirit realm.

    11 in./28 cm. in length.

  • $20.00


  • Nothing fancy - just a pretty shiny thing! 5mm iridescent blue glass teardrops, silvery-blue delica seed beads, and silver accents.

    11 in./28 cm. in length.

  • $20.00

    Tiny Bubbles

  • A delightful froth of rainbow iridescence! 10mm and 5mm iridescent transparent glass teardrops, with silver accents.

    11 in./28 cm. in length.

  • $20.00


  • A glistening violet temptation, like the berries of a nightshade. Inviting, but partake at your peril! 5-8mm amethyst chips, violet and green iris 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads, with silver accents.

    Amethyst aids in connecting with the spirit realm, and for opening psychic power. It can also aid dreamwork and astral projection.

    11.5 in./29 cm. in length.

  • $22.00


  • A little green vine to wind around your ankle. Green glass leaves, green iridescent long magatama beads, 6mm and 4mm glass rounds, with a little pewter leaf charm.

    10.5 in./27 cm. in length.

  • $20.00

    Walk On Water

  • Deep blue and mysterious, a contemplation of a northern lake in autumn. 8mm blue freshwater pearls, 4mm fat blue iris glass teardrops, blue iris seed beads, and silver accents.

    11 in./28 cm. in length.

  • $25.00

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