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  • Gaze at the moon just so, and a eerie-eyed hare gazes right back. 6x4mm moonstone rondels, 6mm apatite rounds, 4mm amazonite, s silver hare charm, and silver accents.

    Moonstone holds lunar energies and aids in dreams and psychic perception. Apatite aids in clarity and second sight, while amazonite has a gentle watery energy good for calming and healing.

    8.5 in./22 cm. in length.

  • $20.00

    Moonlit Watcher

  • A silent creature of the night, silver-gilt by the moon's lamp. 4mm moonstone chips, 2mm freshwater pearls, tiny white crystals, a silver owl charm, and silver accents.

    Moonstone holds lunar energies and aids in dreams and psychic perception, while freshwater pearls are both watery and virginal. Owls are messengers of spirit that move silently with great grace.

    8.25 in./20.5 cm. in length.

  • $18.00


  • Take a detour down the poisoner's path. 6mm indigo freshwater pearls, 8/0 purple iris glass beads, with a silver spiral charm and silver accents.

    Pearls have a deep watery energy, as well as representing overcoming the irritants in our lives by creating beauty.

    8 in./20.5 cm. in length.

  • $20.00

    Ninth Wave

  • What lies behind remains a mystery until we cross beyond... 4mm pale blue glass teardrops, 3-4mm labradorite rondels, a silver triskele charm, and silver accents.

    Labradorite attracts magic and enchantment, and the triskele is the symbol of the sea god Manannan, he who leads us beyond the ninth wave to the gates of the Otherworld.

    8.25 in./21 cm. in length.

  • $20.00

    Peacock Plumage

  • Time to strut your stuff! 20mm screenprinted peacock feather beads, 6mm golden tiger's eye, and silver accents. (I would avoid getting this wet, to help preserve the printed beads.)

    Tiger's eye is helpful for centering ones' self, as well as radiating power and strength.

    8.5 in./21.5 cm. in length.

  • $20.00


  • Black and white, dakr and light, or anywhere in between - your choice. 4mm rainbow obsidian rounds, 4mm labradorite rounds, 4mm opalite glass rounds, and silver accents.

    Rainbow obsidian reveals hidden mysteries and opens blockages, while labradorite increases magical energy. Opalite's milky depths softens with compassion and love.

    8 in./20.5 cm. in length.

  • $20.00

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