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  • A little bee companion to guide you the way back to the hive - perfect for finding yourself and the place you need to be with joy and plenty. 4x2mm citrine rondels, 3x5mm golden rutile quarts rondels, 1 in. pewter pentacle pendant, Tierracast silver bee charm, and silver accents.

    Both citrine and golden rutile quartz are uplighting stones I associate with sunlight, that work to strengthen willpower and self-worth.

    21 in./53.3 cm. in length.

  • $40.00

    A Little Bit of Shimmer

  • Simple and elegant, deep green-blues like a beetle's wing. 3mm green iris fat drop glass beads, 25mm pentacle pendant, and silver accents.

    23 in./58.5 cm. in length.

  • $35.00

    Blue Dasher

  • A dragonfly native to Ontario, bright blue and green and gold. A delicate dragonfly pendant paired with 3mm green freshwater pearls, 4mm blue freshwater pearls, 3mm blue crystal teardrops, 4mm peridot beads, and silver accents.

    Peridot is a stone of the heart chakra, aiding in compassion and kindness and healing of the spirit. Freshwater pearls are gentle and calming.

    21 in./53.3 cm. in length.

  • $35.00

    Blushing Rose

  • A statement necklace - A pillar of roseate light - the calm at the center of the storm. A delicate 2in./5cm. wire-wrapped kunzite crystal, rose quartz chips, shimmering delica seed beads, and silver accents.

    Kunzite and rose quartz are well-matched - both are stones of love, compassion, and friendship. (This piece is slightly imperfect, but I think that's what it wanted to be.)

    20 in./50.8 cm. in length.

  • $50.00

    'Brilliant' Set

  • Just like the name says - brilliantly bright beaded baubles. A 20mm pentacle charm, with 10x5mm teardrops and 3mm fat drops of AB transparent glass, clear delica seed beads, silver spiral beads, and silver accents.

    Necklace: 19.75 in./50.1 cm. in length. Bracelet: 8 in./20.3 cm. in length. Earrings: 3.5 in./8.9 cm. in length.

  • $35.00

    By the Lady's Grace

  • Another statement necklace - for the devotee of the Goddess. Three 30mm gemstone donuts, in moonstone, red tiger's eye, and hematite, with 6mm moonstone rounds, 6mm red tiger's eye rounds, 6mm gold-sheen obsidian rounds, matte grey delica seed beads, silver spiral beads, and silver accents.

    Moonstone is a stone of dreams and intuition, while red tiger's eye brings a fierce physical energy and hematite is highly protective and wards off negative energy. Gold-sheen obsidian is the sun held in darkness - like the moon reflecting the sun's light.

    Necklace: 21.5 in./54.6 cm. in length.

  • $40.00

    Charm of Manannan

  • A necklace evoking the power and majesty of Manannan Mac Lir, the god of the sea. 4mm grey quartz rounds, 6mm blue iris glass rounds, an 25mm OzCast pewter triskele pendant, and silver accents.

    Grey quartz aids in meditation, unblocks energy and allows the wearer to find a path forward through what obscures the future.

    Necklace: 21 in./53.3 cm. in length.

  • $35.00


  • Walk unseen along the hidden paths that wind through reality. A 25mm wire-wrapped smoky quartz sphere, 6mm grey quartz rounds, 8mm smoky quartz rounds, 6mm garnet rounds, and silver accents.

    Smoky quartz disperses fear and negativity, while grey quartz aids in meditation, unblocks energy and allows the wearer to find a path forward through what obscures the future. Garnet provides balance and grounding.

    Necklace: 21 in./53.3 cm. in length.

  • $50.00

    Crazy for Carnelian

  • "I will what I will. Mine is a heart of carnelian blood red as the crest of a phoenix." Nothing but carnelian - 7x3mm rondels, 4 and 6mm rounds, with silver accents.

    Carnelian is a stone of energy and drive - it promotes willpower, creativity, courage, and manifestation.

    Necklace: 22 in./55.9 cm. in length.

  • $40.00

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