Poetry has always played an important part of my understanding of my spirituality, both as an expression of that spirituality, and as part of its foundation. Myth cycles, devotions, offerings - all of these can come in the form of poetry. Likewise, I am greatly influenced by music throughout my life, in many forms. I consider it a gift to be able to create music, and enjoy sharing it. Songs are just poems set to music. :)

Song and Chant:

  • Morg's Favorite Chants
  • Hymn to the Morrigan

    Poems and Praise by Morg:

  • becoming
  • the bel fire burns
  • Cathedral
  • Cuchulainn
  • hunter's moon
  • I am the Queen of the empty spaces
  • In Praise of Macha
  • lifting the veil
  • Queen of Swords
  • sacrifice
  • She rises
  • Spirit of Ash
  • Spirit of Birch
  • Spirit of Oak
  • Spirit of Rowan
  • Spirit of Willow
  • witch

    Poems and Praise by Others:

  • The Song of Amergin
  • The Song of the Bard