I've been practicing magic, "pretend" or otherwise, since I was a little older than 3. I've never stopped believing in it - I think that's why it runs so strongly as an independant force in my life. What is offered here is a collection of things: moon phases, a reading list, methods for divination, runes, ogham, chakras, stones, and other wonders. What you will not and never will find are spells - Those long lists of generic spells you find on the web don't hack it with me. I'm a strong believer in creating your own, and I hope that by presenting you with lots of information here, you will.

  • Some Starter Material

    What is Magic?
    Shrines and Altars

  • Divination

    Elder Furthark Runes

  • Chakras/Aura Reading

    The Chakras/Chakra Stone Healing - now only available at author's website.

    Stones and their Metaphysical Properties
    Reading Auras

  • Astral/Shapeshifting/Meditations

    Astral Projection
    Finding A Spirit Animal Ally
    The Colour of Spirit - Wolf
    The Totem Project